Kathmandu – Upper House lawmakers have drawn the attention of the government on national and local level contemporary issues.

Speaking in the meeting in the House today, lawmaker Chakra Prasad Snehi has complained that the haliyas (bonded tillers) were still waiting for their settlement living in pathetic situation after a long gap of their release.

He added that they were not receiving the government assistance to be provided for their settlement.
Lawmaker Jitendra Dev demanded for probing into the issues of then acting chief justice’s academic certificate. He complained over the decision of parliamentary hearing committee on the rejection of then acting chief justice Dipak Raj Joshi’s recommendation to chief justice at the Supreme Court.
He added that the issues regarding the alleged charge should have settled down through probing not by two-thirds majority.

Lawmaker Bimala Rai drew the attention of the government on the various cases including child rapes demanding a stern action against those involved in such crimes.
She added that such incidents were frequently repeated in Kanchanpur but government was not informing the house regarding the actions in such incidents.

Similarly, lawmaker, Bhairav Sundar Shrestha said that the road sections constructed haphazardly were causing natural disasters in various areas as the recent incident occurred in Jajarkot on Monday killing nine people.

He also demanded stern action against the contractor who arbitrarily constructed the roads and other infrastructures without studying the environmental impact assessment (EIA).
Lawmaker Radheshyam Adhikari also asked Home Minister’s response on Kandaghari incident. In the incident, an 11-year old Nishan Khadka was kidnapped and killed and police had encountered two abductors in this connection.

Lawmaker Ram Lakhan Chamar urged the government to settle the Gandak barrage issues as settlements near the barrage were inundated. (RSS)