Kathmandu– Street-based demonstrations and rainfall have triggered excessive traffic snarls in the Kathmandu Valley.

Incidents of traffic congestions are high in the capital due to growing number of vehicles, narrowed road network, rain water and recurring street-based demonstrations.

Spokesperson of Metropolitan Traffic Police Division SP Surendra Prasad Mainali argued that the street centric agitation, strike and rainfall coupling with vehicular pressure on the main roads of Kathmandu Valley threw the traffic out of gear.

“Traffic congestion is recurrently high mainly in Tripureswor, Kalimati, Bhotebahal, Thapathali, Maitighar, Kalanki, Jamal, Keshar Mahal, Sorhakhutte, Balaju, Chawahil, Gwarko, Koteswor and Jadibuti, among others, in the capital”, he shared.

Normally one has to stop in main thoroughfares of the Valley for 5-7 minutes at once. But, this may not be the case when there is rain and rally. The duration of traffic jam may go for hours in the situation.
“The flow of vehicles have gone up immoderately on the roads during the opening and closing time of offices, which causes people to wait for long time to get the traffic clear”, he noted.

Besides, dxcessive traffic congestion has been caused by high number of vehicles, road construction and rampant parking of vehicles, the Division further said.

There is no blacktopping of road in Kalanki-Thankot, Chawahil-Sankhu and Balkhu-Daxinkali area. In absence of proper traffic outlet, the street chaos is recurring in Tinkune, Tripureswor and Gangobu mostly during rain.

Traffic management has become more challenging in the Valley due to frequent travel by VIPs and VVIPs. RSS