Surkhet, July 4: Three Indian pilgrims who were on their way to holy place, Kailash Mansoravar, lost their lives.

Sub-Inspector at District Police Office, Humla, Surat Bahadur Chand, informed that three pilgrims including one man and two women died on July 1 and 2.

It is shared that Binita Sanjaya Khidakar, 56, of Koronul, Andra Pradesh, India having passport number (M 0901303) died at Dorpak of China on April 1. His final rites were performed on the bank of Karnali River at Hilsa of Humla on Tuesday.

Likewise, Leela Narayan Myandeth (woman), 56, of Lamking, Kerala, India having passport number L 5486595 breathed her last on July 2 . The dead body was air lifted to Kathmandu for post-mortem on July 3.

Another deceased has been identified as Satyalaxmi Narayan, 57, a local of Kakinada, Andra Pradesh, India with the passport number R 9327867. He was taken to India via Nepalgunj on Tuesday.

Deputy Superintendant of Police (DSP) at Humla District Police Office Rabind Shrestha clarified that no pilgrim has been stranded as disseminated by media. He further informed that the pilgrims had to stay at Simkot after obstruction to air services caused by bad weather and all of them have returned home safely.

He shared that eight pilgrims however had lost their lives in course of trekking to the site during the season. Mostly the pilgrims breathed their last due to altitude sickness in Mansarovar which is up to 4,500 metres from the sea level.