Dhanusa– The Provincial Assembly of Province no. 2 has endorsed a Bill relating to police service tabled by the provincial government to establish its own police unit.

The Bill was tabled by Minister for Internal Affairs and Law Gyanendra Yadav at the meeting of the Assembly on Saturday. It was endorsed unanimously after Speaker Saroj Yadav presented it for a decision of the house.

Province no. 2 becomes the first province in the country to introduce a bill related to police service. As per the bill, the government of province no.2 will recruit 900 police persons divided into categories of civil police, technical police, tourist police, community police and traffic police.

Minister Yadav on the occasion said the bill had been tabled as per the provision of Article 268 (2) of the Constitution. A separate police organization for the province is expected to cost around Rs One billion annually. RSS