Most of the lawmakers speaking in the assembly meeting of the Province-4 today complained that the budget allocation was not proportional. During the deliberation on appropriation bill, they further said the budget was not allocated as per the priorities though said so earlier.

Even the lawmakers from the ruling parties expressed dissatisfaction over the plan included in the red book.
Lawmaker from the ruling party, Indradhara Dhadu Bista said he was quite dissatisfied for not seeing any plan of development activity in his area, while there were a lot of construction activities in other places. “I’m disheartened to not find the drinking water project in the red book which was earlier placed in priority list,” he lamented.

Similarly, Binod KC said he was bound to support the bill though it was most discriminatory.
Nepali Congress lawmaker and parliamentary party leader Krishna Chandra Nepali blamed that the government failed to rise above partisan interest in terms of budget allocation.

Somewhere, there was budget for construction of five to seven bridges, while Nawalpur was deprived of budget for the construction of a single bridge.
Another NC leader Dobate Bishwokarma said the budget was not balanced.
Moreover, Piyari Thapa of Rastriya Janamorcha said the budget failed to address various issues.